Girls on skype wanting to sex chat

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Most men are so sex-crazed that once they get some alone time with a girl they’d screwed once, they virtually rape the shit out of her with without foreplay nor theatrics. Therefore when a girl runs back to me after 9 months or 3 weeks, it’s a confession that she isn’t getting such stimulation (sexual drama) from her boyfriend or any guy for that matter.She isn’t running back to me because of awesome SEXUAL penetration out of this fucking world!Therefore, whenever I have sex with a girl or leading up towards it, I will have gotten her pissed [think make-up sex], crying or wondering whether I was sane or just broken out of an asylum.Women are fueled by drama and live on drama like a ritual!Now, this article basically outlines getting that fuck-buddy to come back. Throughout my PUA years, I’ve had many fuck-friends, too numerous to count!

If she has a BF today, there’s a strong possibility that she’ll play the “I’m an independent woman” card a week later…depended on whom she’s addressing.2.) Take retribution on her pussy by fucking the living daylights out of her. 🙂 The points I wanted to get across here was just to get you guys up to speed with the way in which fuck-buddy situations are structured, how they run, why they run the way they do, why they die off and how to revive it in due time.There’s no quick-fix technique in getting a fuck-buddy to come back for more sex [at least, I haven’t discovered it yet].She is fucking other guys and probably have a boyfriend as you might have known, so there exist variables which change the dynamics of time and when and why she would crawl back.The main reason, the underlying one, why my fuck-buddies would come back, was first off NOT the sex!

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So if you do meet a girl who says she’s single, check back in on her in 2 weeks time and you’ll be shocked to find out that she now has a boyfriend or has since reconciled with an ex [an ex which she failed to tell you about]. Anyway, for some strange reason, this chick’s vagina had a hold on me.

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  2. We are clean shaven (both) have a very good sense of humour and are up for most things except pain and watersports. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice as well. The sex was amazing and hope we can meet up again sometime.*otal Madness69 (53), Couple on 19 March 2017 by Meeting in person: Wow.